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Well this has been more than a year in the making,

my debut album, with my baby Buoy and even Spwee (used to post his tracks here)

Covers all genres and attitudes, aggressive bassy genres, jazzy downtempo, experimental sound designy stuff, ambient and everything in-between.

I'd love your thoughts on it, or even a buy <3

Much love guys!!

Beatport buy link

New song and other crap

2012-12-23 23:05:12 by jpbear

Decided to upload a song ive made with good ol Buoy to NG

still refusing to upload anything else xD

go like my new facebook page if ya love me: 54?ref=stream&group_id=0


2012-12-05 00:26:20 by jpbear

grobble hum yea.

en fek of ya coont of snek crup oi swer on mi aunte shropsher il cum n cot ya faeck meight

Big Audio Contests I'm In and Other stuff

2012-09-16 00:28:43 by jpbear

So I'm currently in both the Barry Manilow remix contest, find that HERE

and the Skrillex remix contest, find that HERE

Itd be awesome for you guys to check em out and vote/comment/SHARE when the time arrives for that i could really use the help.

Also I've signed my next album to Overtech Recordings, one of my favourite labels, it will be out within next month hopefully and there will be things that will explode your brains on it. It will be a good 8 new songs, collabs with Ovey, Hykario, and NG's Spweeon it.

As always much luv to everyone, let me know how you're doing or if you wanna know something from me.

I posted a very in depth response in the description to all the judges and reviewers to my NGADM submission, feel free to respond to me here if you wanna talk about it.

Remember to follow me on soundcloud, i post a lot of stuff there with copyrighted samples and not fully serious pieces.

Regarding life, started university (university of houston) today and went on retreat this weekend with my university honors college. This years gonna be pretty rad, i hope ill have time to make music for yall.


2012-05-11 17:15:35 by jpbear

Just posted two whole free songs on here that i've released for free because I'm not feeling signing atm.

From now on most of my stuff wont be free so enjoy!

Also catch the calyx and teebee remix on my SC because it has copyrighted samples

Enjoy kiddies.

Also dix.


2012-04-22 22:58:54 by jpbear

So I've been really let down by the audio redesign as a whole not gonna lie.

So lately ive been really uninterested on this site because of it, but I was glancing through my songs and I realized that I have at least 400 listens on almost every submission of mine regardless of score.

So I guess I actually have some fans on here lol.


P.S. follow me soundcloud theres a lot more stuff on there than here

wtf is twitter

2012-04-21 15:54:52 by jpbear

I made one but i think im going to give an abortion!/JP_Masq

HALP and folloooow me friends of the internet

Also I've got a lot of cool shit on my SOUNDCLOUD that not on here


2012-03-03 11:15:47 by jpbear

I maek a new song rut now

for you.

Follow me soundcloud:

Gonna be on the NeurofunkGrid! My favorite promotional youtube channel, huge deal for me.

This is the song that made it, free to DL even though I had some offers to get signed:

Have a good day Newgrounds populace!

P.S. hows it going?