Big Audio Contests I'm In and Other stuff

2012-09-16 00:28:43 by jpbear

So I'm currently in both the Barry Manilow remix contest, find that HERE

and the Skrillex remix contest, find that HERE

Itd be awesome for you guys to check em out and vote/comment/SHARE when the time arrives for that i could really use the help.

Also I've signed my next album to Overtech Recordings, one of my favourite labels, it will be out within next month hopefully and there will be things that will explode your brains on it. It will be a good 8 new songs, collabs with Ovey, Hykario, and NG's Spweeon it.

As always much luv to everyone, let me know how you're doing or if you wanna know something from me.


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2012-09-16 02:47:43

Also, I have high hopes that that you will make awesome remixes and at the very least place,
hope this doesn't interfere withe anything important.

jpbear responds:

they are both done! The links are my submissions!



2012-09-16 03:20:19

Still can't used to that Hitler mustache on your User Icon....
Also glad you're still mixing n' having musical fun, just like ya did in the 20th century :)

jpbear responds:

thanks nice to know people here have been followingg :)


2012-09-16 08:34:01

Get a shave.

jpbear responds:

cant do


2012-09-17 10:52:43

what do you mean NG's spwee? is that guy on newgrounds?

jpbear responds:

He used to post a lot of songs here, didnt post on the forums but was always at the top of the dubstep charts. He's gotten a lot better lol



2012-09-17 10:52:58

Cool name btw.



2012-10-31 09:26:19

so, that album out yet?

If you promise me gritty, I'll buy in within A FLASH. DEAR GOD MY PUNS ARE HYSTERICAL.

no but srsly

jpbear responds:


delays upon delays for various reasons.

release and completion with the month. 10 all new tracks :)



2012-11-05 19:18:25

old news but whatever, congrats man, overtech is sick

jpbear responds:

its not the biggests label, but its well run and full of respected nice people.

thats all I'm looking for ^_^