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My debut signed album is RELEASED TODAY

2013-02-25 12:25:30 by jpbear

Well this has been more than a year in the making,

my debut album, with my baby Buoy and even Spwee (used to post his tracks here)

Covers all genres and attitudes, aggressive bassy genres, jazzy downtempo, experimental sound designy stuff, ambient and everything in-between.

I'd love your thoughts on it, or even a buy <3

Much love guys!!

Beatport buy link


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2013-02-25 12:53:48

Nice work mate! Caliber Music is an excellent label also, excited to hear more from you!

jpbear responds:

thanks millions!!


2013-02-25 16:15:30

Alright K would make a killer tune for a Wipeout XL lol amazing work man.

jpbear responds:

i love wipeout :3

thanks sir!


2013-02-25 16:17:00

anyway this is gonna hit itunes? or no?

jpbear responds:

nope, beatport exclusive!


2013-02-25 23:48:39

Quality stuff

jpbear responds:

muchas gracias!


2013-02-26 04:41:33

sounding good, just bought it. will listen to it properly in a bit!

jpbear responds:

super thankful man, i hope you find extreme coolness and happiness in listening


2013-02-26 15:18:15


(Updated ) jpbear responds: